Have A Giant Steps Birthday Party!

We Do All The Work So That You Can Enjoy The Party



  • All parties are for children Ages 5+
  • Each party includes: Pizza, chips, and drink, eating essentials (forks, spoons, cups, plates, etc.) and a balloon center piece!
  • Parent must bring in dessert. No ice cream please
  • Parties are held on Sundays only.
  • Time slots available are:
    10-12, 11-1, 12-2, 1-3, 2-4, 3-5

You Must book party with store manager and place a $50 deposit at least a month in advance.








  • We offer a 20% discount on ALL party favors
  • and 10% off LEGO favors
  • Add a balloon on each child’s chair for $1.00 per balloon
  • Kids Gift Registry : Have your child zap his/her desired games and toys using our kids’ registry scanner. This allows friends and family to know what to get and eliminates duplicated gifts! We provide a stickers which you can add to your invitations, letting your guests know where your child is registered.
**Please notify staff your interest



We provide more legos than your childs hearts could imagine. Our Lego experts will teach your child and their guests how to create and build super fast Lego race cars using a huge selection of LEGOs. They will then race their cars on our state of the art Lego race track. Each child will also build a trophy or garage and receive a surprise driver (Lego Minifigure – shh!). Everyone takes home all LEGO creations!

Party includes: Pizza, Chips, Drinks, Party Supplies, Balloons and Staff ! (please provide the dessert of your choice.)

We do all the work so that you can enjoy the party! Just bring your child and their imagination!


COST: $279.95 for 10 children
$17.95 for each additional child


Arts & Crafts

Party includes: Pizza, Chips, Drinks, Party Supplies, Balloons and Staff ! (please provide the dessert of your choice.)

Choose THREE (3) from the following


  •  Ceramic banks : Choice of plane, car, pig, teddy bear, cupcake, cat, lamb, or cow
  •  Ceramic Figures : Choice of horse, dog, cat, dinosaur
  •  Bobble head dinosaur or dog
  •  Stain Glass : Butterfly or dinosaur

Marker & Decorate

  •   Backpack or painter’s hat
  •   Stuffed animal: such as fish, dog, pig, teddy bear
  •   Wooden: standing ballerina or princess, wooden box or chalkboard.
  •   Flowers on a pencil bag


  • Make your own charm bracelet or necklace
  • Hanging backpack or hanging doll ornament


  • Using a wide variety of deco gems and sequins, design a disc with ceramic figure of your choice in the center.


  • Make a terrarium in a baseball, football, dolphin, heart, star, moon or genie bottle.


  • Using mosaic pieces and stick on jewels: make your own mermaid, princess, pirate, butterfly, heart, kitten, dog, soccer, race-car, dinosaur, fairy, unicorn, or baseball picture.

COST: $250 for 10 children
$15 for each additional child

Themed Party Options


Princess:   Come dressed as a princess or prince. Make your own jeweled mosaic crown or charm bracelet. Marker or paint a wand and have your nails painted. Can substitute markering & decorating a princess wooden doll on a stand or a velvet castle for one of the above crafts.


Dinosaur:    Make a mosaic dinosaur picture. Decorate, using sequins and deco-gems around a dinosaur mounted on a colored disc or paint a dinosaur stain glass ornament.



Pirate: Paint your own pirate mask. Marker or paint a wooden pirate ship. Color pirate stickers and mount them in a picture frame to make a sticker scene or make a mosaic pirate picture.



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